Rockify: stirring up the WWW

Hello, and welcome to Rockify. We're an Internet hosting company, co-crafted and confragulated by a duo of web-savvy teenagers. As your hosts, we firmly believe in the capitalist principle of free enterprise, and the world wide web puts us in a unique position to shine in the realm of small-business. Between the both of us, our company is capable of meeting and exceeding any needs that you, the client, might have.

Whether you are a technical guru, knowledgeable in the fields of web design and desiring a hands-off, do-it-yourself approach, or you are a web novice, desiring a custom designed page and personal technical support, our business can dynamically adapt to your individual specifications and talents. And while we may not be as large as some of our competitors, we believe we are in a unique position to offer an up-close and personal experience that many of our large, corporate competitors lack. Our administrators are not in a foreign country and are not below answering any question, big or small, that any of our customers or potential customers may have. As the mantra says, the customer is always right.

Looking at our website, you will notice we have many options for you to explore. We offer hosting plans from the extravagant to the ordinary. In addition, we offer optional features for managing a domain you already have or obtaining a new domain through us. Going even further, our web design team has several options for customers wishing a custom designed and support website or community.

If you wish to purchase any of our plans, our primary method of payment is PayPal which is accessable with all the major credit, debit, or banking accounts available in the United States. If you have any questions before or after an order, please use the options on the bar to your right to contact a member of our team who will respond promptly to any and all of your inquisitions or calamities.

In conclusion, we hope you can offer anything and everything you desire in a webhost and we look forward to doing buisness with you!

Thank you,

The Rockify Staff

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